Jewelry Care...

One of the most important things you should remember about fashion jewelry is that unlike fine jewelry that is made of precious metal and stone, it will tarnish and fade and can look quite unattractive if not well cared for.

Fashion jewelry can be versatile, with designs that allow you to wear your jewelry for any occasion. However, because jeweler's cement is often used to create those designs, it is important that you take special precautions when cleaning your fashion jewelry.

Moreover, despite your efforts, dust will sooner or later find its way onto your beloved jewels. When dirt and oil collects on the surface of a gem, it interferes with how the stone can reflect and transmit light, thereby diminishing the life of the stone, and eventually, extinguishing it completely. Luckily, keeping your gems sparkling takes very little time and effort, and the results are tremendous. Therefore, you'll need to do some light cleaning from time to time.

Here are some care and cleaning tips:

1. Fashion jewelry should be worn last and taken off first while dressing. This is to prevent make-up and other cosmetics from accidentally staining your jewelry.

2. Never wear your jewelry in the shower. Soap residue and hair conditioner, similar to lotions and moisturizers, do not rinse as thoroughly from your gemstones as they do from your skin and hair. These oils will attract dirt, therefore, dulling the life of your stones. Also, rhinestone jewelry with foil backing should never be submerged into water

3. Always handle your jewelry on the metal surfaces not place your fingers on the stones. Thus, even after you wipe off your fingerprints, residual oils remain and act like dirt magnets throughout the day.

4. Mild soap and warm water on a soft cloth or a toothbrush is sufficient to clean most jewelry items. For severely tarnished items, commercial jewelry cleaners i.e. "Jewelry Wipes" (which are sold on the website) can be used safely on most metals. However, organic gems like pearls, amber, coral and porous gems like turquoise and opal should NEVER be subjected to chemicals. For these gems, wipe gently with a soft cloth after each wear.

5. Finally, make sure that you are gentle when cleaning your jewelry. If you use a toothbrush in addition to, or in place of a cloth, make sure that it has soft bristles.

Concisely, fashion jewelry is not meant to last forever, but why not try to make it last, as long as you can. We hope these tips help guide you on how to care for your fashion jewelry, in order to give your jewelry collection the longevity that it deserves.