Ify Onwualu

Madison Gems is a luxury jewelry & accessories e-boutique that was founded on one woman's passion for bling and a desire to share her paragon statement style Globally. Madison Gems was founded in May 2011, in Queens, New York as a way for CEO and Founder, Ify Onwualu and her fabulous friends, to enjoy wearing opulent jewelry, without spending a fortune. Madison Gems is an authority in Wedding & Bridal jewelry e-Styling as well as accessorizing our clients for corporate and special occasion ensembles. What’s more, we’re a one-stop shop for opulent women’s accessories and we provide our clients with the best quality and value so they can shop with peace of mind. Accordingly, whether it's a Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Christmas, Baby Shower, Christening, Prom, Graduation, Wedding or "Just Because,” a trinket from Madison Gems is certain to brighten your day.

Unquestionably, Madison Gems is synonymous with joy, so we guarantee that the perfect accessory has the power to make you look and feel great about yourself all the time. In fact, we help our clients celebrate their unique style, while simultaneously enriching their lives through jewelry. Therefore, you will undoubtedly always find that perfect piece you’ve been searching for while discovering new treasures to treat yourself and your loved ones. Our only hope is that you see something special in our company --- something that brings a smile to your face. However, if you don't see what you're looking for in our boutique, please contact us and let us know. We can also be your "Personal Jewelry e-Stylist" if there’s a particular accessory or “Gem” you desire.

To date, Madison Gems jewelry was showcased in an art deco styled wedding photo shoot, that was featured on the prestigious website MODWedding.com. Moreover, our clientele includes, but are not limited to pageant contestants, models and celebrities. Our desire is for you to look and feel like a celebrity client when wearing our pieces, whether it's to compliment your big days as well as your every day ensembles. Nevertheless, be mindful that our inventory is constantly changing, so you don't want to miss the latest and greatest accessory or "Sparkle" for your fabulous jewelry box.

Thanks in advance for shopping with us Queens. I salute you!

Keep Sparkling,